About Us

Hi, Welcome to the #RJJsquad

Ruwini Jayarathne s eponymous brand is an experince to the modern artisan jewelry lover.

A gemologist & a designer,Ruwini Jayarathne creates unique one of a kind pieces using beautiful & unique carefully handpicked gemstones.

Ruwini draws inspiration from natural forms of gemstones, and the unique characteristics of each stone.

Each individual piece of jewelry has its own story & the designer makes sure she takes you through the whole process from selecting the gemstone to setting it to delivering the beautifully crafted piece to you.

All the pieces at Ruwini Jayarathne Jewelry are meticulously handcrafted by local jewelsmiths using gemstones from all around the world.

The Collections range from bold to delicate but never a compromise on the attention to the stone.

The desire to create versatile, timeless pieces while educating the customer on the unique stones used, RJJ is on a mission to create a niche of gem lovers who treasures the beauty of natural gemstones.