Mother’s Day Gift Guide

This is my first Mothers Day with two babies!

Cannot believe I am a mom of two!

Whenever I am asked what I want for Mothers day I now have a new phrase “My babies are the best gift I have gotten, no need of anything else” And I am sure all moms say & feel the same!

I feel Mothers day gifts are so special because you are gifting the person who has given you life! And so it becomes a task to present them with the best!

So to make it easier for you we have listed down Mom-favored pieces from our collections that our customers have vouched for their mothers being in love with!

So these are pretty much mom-tested & approved pieces.

                                                    Feuille In Pearl

                                      Kyanite & Peruvian Opal Drops

                                                      Pearl Drops

                                        Green Gold & Rainbow Moonstone

                                        Black Onyx Earrings

                                                      Amethyst Studs

Happy Mothers Day!

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